PanaMaui Music is a music production company based out of Maui, Hawaii. The company prides itself in putting power into the hands of local singers. LLP helps artists with professional recording, meaningful writing and mentoring.

The production team consists of three key players. Lia, the writer/producer who is constantly adding to her song library. Kai, a music composer/musician who plays with multiple bands. Also, a music producer/engineer, Rob, who works with Hawaii’s top artists.

PanaMaui Music was born out of necessity. Upon returning home from Los Angeles, Lia wanted to record music for release on Hawaii radio. She wanted to put together a band and started looking for musicians. She saw a post for a band that was seeking a singer. With that, Livacious was born!

As Livacious, they started rehearsing and coming up with material. Bass player, Kai Akin had music arranged that needed lyrics, and an inspired Lia, didn’t hesitate to start writing. A creative surge allowed Lia to write lyrics to over 10 songs in just a couple of rehearsal sessions. Together they began recording, trying to capture the songs. However, the quality wasn’t up to the standards that Lia wanted for radio so the songs had to wait to be released.

Livacious eventually dissolved, but the Kai and Lia continued both professionally, and later on, romantically. They began working as a duo, as well as collaborating with different bands on island. They recorded a couple of songs with The Kryptones, “On a One Way” and “Day by Day”. Both songs made it to local radio! Though they had some success, Lia and Kai felt that the conflicts of recording live, in a pay by the hour studio situation, limited their freedom to make the music the way they wanted.

In 2013, seeking resolution, the production team was created. Lia turned to Music engineer and producer Rob Tsuhako. He provided them with the quality recording experience they were seeking. Productive recording sessions would yield many tracks. Using Kai’s skills as a bass and guitar player allows them to keep a “live” sound, and they use this for their roots reggae songs. Lia works together with Rob on songs that have more of a Pop or Latin Urban feel. In this way, each of the teams strengths are utilized in every aspect of music creation.

Currently, Lia writes and arranges music for her own projects. She also does session work for other projects such as arranging and singing background vocals for Anuheas “Sweet Thing”. She can also translate songs from English into Spanish and vice versa. She enjoys writing songs with people who are not song writers, getting different perspectives on life, and thinking about experiences that are new to her.

She releases some tracks as singles, independently, through an online distribution company. She does all of her own marketing through social media and live shows. Lia continues to expand her horizons and explore genres. She easily flows between Pop, Reggae, Funk, and Latin Urban Music.