Songwriter/Producer - Lia Ledezma

Lia has been writing and recording music since 2001. A graduate of recording artist program at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, Lia has many singles that are on radio rotation on Maui and Oahu such as “Step It Up” featuring Chisa. She has also collaborated on writing songs with other island artists such “It Can’t Get Better Than This” with Kalisi, which hit number one all over Hawaii in 2012. Lia also does work as a studio singer, singing and arranging harmonies on island artists projects such as Anuhea’s “Sweet Thing” cover.

Music Composer/Producer - Kai Akin

Kai Akin has years of experience composing music for various projects. In 2010 he was in a band with Lia Live called “Livacious”, where he composed the music to some of Lia’s hits such as “Step It Up”. Kai also does studio work as a musician, playing guitar and bass on his own compositions and doing paid work for artists such as Ras Bonito from the Bunny Wailer Band.

Music Engineer/Producer - Rob Tsuhako

Rob Tsuhako is one of the top music engineers on the islands. He has mixed and mastered albums for many of Hawai’i top artists. His credits include Willie K, Hapa, Anuhea and more. Rob also keeps close connections with people in the music industry based out of L.A. He is always up to date with the latest sounds and Pro-tools innovations.